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T1 vs LILGUN – BTS Pro Series 2022 S10 Highlights Dota 2

T1 vs LILGUN – BTS Pro Series 2022 Season 10 SEA Dota 2 Highlights Tournament – Bo2 Group Stage
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Commentary by MLP & Johnxfire





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  1. Huksar is a great counter for terroblade ultimate but, ember having a good game destroy everyone ,Well played.

  2. T1 making sea community more toxic.. Pinoys, Indos and Thais fighting bcoz T1 is underperforming! hahahaha wp T1

  3. the problem was not the carry but they should have dropped low tier kuku instead of 23savage dumb move by t1

  4. I will still give T1 the benefit of the doubt since they're not in a bootcamp, it definitely give Lilgun sa tiny advantage but their win today shows the kind of caliber they have.

  5. Gabbi disbanded Talon and now he's about to do the same thing in T1, he got the worst personality in dota 2 honestly, played with him multiple times and he is toxic as hell, played with CCNC back in SEA days, he is toxic sometimes yeah, but not as toxic as Gabbi, TERRIBLE PLAYER AND HUMAN BEING.

  6. I dont why ppl talking about T1 played bad instead Lilgun overplayed. Just welcome Sea new boss team Lilgun

  7. Saw how t1 switch over their carry from savage to gabbi.. gabbi doesnt know how to carry and be a team…wrong choice t1

  8. T1🤦 should already know why TNC is no longer a tier 1 team Because 3 Filipino cores is no longer effective. SEA scene is starting to get competitive.

  9. Very underperform from T1. After before he lose from boom in dpc. I don't know what happen with roster T1 now… Or lilgun team strong now?

  10. For those doubting T1's performance, do remember how many people bashed them before winning a major in 2021, and even bashed them after by calling it a fluke. Then people "predicted" them being in the lower bracket during TI, yet somehow managed to go top 6/7 while also being one of the few teams to make LGD struggle. Seriously people think they know more about T1 than T1 themselves. Gabbi may not be the ideal pos 1 player yet, but he is slowly becoming more and more synergized with them, despite this lost, and may even surpass 23Savage. Trust me, Kuku is not a bad judge of a character.

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