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Timeless Isle – Music & Ambience | World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria

The Timeless Isle, so named because it exists in a state of perpetual sunset, was once a place of great reverence for the pandaren. It was here that trials of wisdom, hope, strength, and fortitude took place in front of the great Celestials… where warriors and aspiring leaders would show their willingness to walk in the footsteps of the great Emperor, Shaohao. As a testament to their goal of achieving balance in all things, the pandaren monks even existed in harmony with the nearby Yaungol, worshippers of the fiery demigod Ordos.

But one day, the island vanished. Some scrolls indicate that the Timeless Isle has come and gone throughout history — sometimes just a glimmer in the distance, often appearing in different locations. Some less fortunate adventurers dared step foot on the island during these moments and were just as quickly lost to the Timeways, never to be seen again.

Now and perhaps only for a moment the island has returned.

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For the music titles turn on the CC (captions/subtitles) from YouTube bar.
August Celestials, Shen-zin Su, Monk Mistweaver A1, Valley of Eternal Blossoms, Windspire: Neal Acree
Serpent’s Heart, Siedge of Niuzao Temple, Townlong Steppes C: Jeremy Soule.
Wood of Staves: Sam Cardon
Monk Mistweaver A2: Russell Brower

World of Warcraft Timeless Isle locations on this video:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:50 The Timeless Shore
0:02:08 Houjin Landing & Evermaw (rare)
0:03:54 Tushui Landing
0:08:55 Old Pi’jiu
0:12:40 Celestial Court
0:15:43 Anduin and Wrathion
0:16:50 Admiral Taylor
0:19:52 Chen and Li Li Stormstout
0:20:45 Xuen
0:22:10 Chi-Ji
0:23:40 You’lon
0:25:41 Emperor Shaohao
0:29:57 Mossgreen Lake
0:32:31 Whispershade Hollow
0:33:05 Red Stone Run
0:34:54 The Misty Strand
0:36:47 Sinkbraid’s Ship
0:38:16 Croaking Hollow
0:39:17 Huolon (rare)
0:42:15 Three-Breeze Terrace
0:43:10 Firewalker Ruins
0:45:55 The Blazing Way
0:47:02 Champion of the Black Flame (rare)
0:48:46 Cinderfall
0:50:17 Ordon Sanctuary
0:52:12 Three-Breeze Terrace
0:53:14 Ordon Sanctuary
0:58:08 Ordon

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Below the Stone
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  1. I am physically sick, weakened, terrified and shocked about the latest events in Europe. Usually, I leave politics aside, but this is beyond anything I could've imagined. You will call me a hypocrite, there have been many wars before, but this one happens now in Europe, near our home, and has marked me the most. I feel guilty and powerless; guilty because I have brought my children into this cruel world but also powerless, hesitant and a coward because I am not doing anything about it.

    I want to apologize for the lack of content, but I feel paralyzed and deeply concerned about our future in general. This is pure insanity and it has to stop.

  2. what is happening now in Ukraine reminds me of the plot of Pandaria.In the end, all the bright forces will unite on both sides and crush the Kremlin regime

  3. Thank you for the videos you provide us through these tough times of life. Even when times are good I still come back to your videos and just listen. Sometimes it just takes a moment to hear the sounds of what we cherish deep in our hearts to bring us together.

    You and your channel deserve more.
    Thank you agian.

  4. It is terrifying how fleeting life is, and you cannot be blamed for the feelings you hold now for we live in troubling, uncertain times. As it has been said before, your videos have helped us even through some rough times, and so I for one thank you. You are not a coward, you do what you feel strong enough to do for the given day. May you and your family stay safe and stay strong, I wish you all the best ❤
    Thank you for posting this, Pandaria music is truly peaceful 😌

  5. and now we have reached one of the prettiest and calmest zones in the entire game…. Love it.
    Well done Meisio once again and wish you well in these troubling days

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