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World of Warcraft – Pandora's Box

A telling of the complete history of the MMORPG World of warcraft, including its legendary rise, and also its more recent dramatic fall.

Edited by MadSeasonShow
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  1. It's been a while! Wanted to have this out by the holidays. See you in…uh…another 5 months 😛

    If you miss me, I'm uploading some stuff to my alternate channel, BadSeasonShow: https://www.youtube.com/c/BadSeasonShow

    Thanks for the 7+ years of support and Merry Christmas!

  2. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am in Activision Blizzard but I am going to try.
    I have been a constant subscriber since I was 9 years old (My dad paid at that point).
    The video confirmed what I already knew in that the downfall of this company and community began after the merge with Activision.

    Blizzard, you made what is still in my opinion the best game ever created.
    You had the most paid subscribers a game has ever seen.
    You had every one of your players in awe of your commitment to the community and the world you had created and you threw it all away.

    Activision, you bought the best performing and most sustainable 'gold mine' of a game ever created and then decided to turbo nuke it to squeeze 'gold' out of it as fast as you could.

    I am still subbed as I love the classic version of the game, but have long stopped playing the current patches and defending your actions as they are inexcusable.
    Your blatant hatred and disrespect for your community will destroy the very thing you had worked so hard to build.

    PLEASE do not destroy your classic community with more paid boosts/cosmetics or WoW tokens.
    You are at rock bottom now.
    Do NOT continue to turbo nuke the gold mine.

    Enough is enough.
    Lose the ego, you are not the kings of the MMO genre anymore.
    Listen to your community, strengthen your teams and rethink all of your design philosophies.
    It is not too late to turn things back around.

    There have been many potential 'WoW killers' over the years and none have managed it.

    Unfortunately the only force capable of 'killing WoW' is the company that created it.

    Oh and Madseason.
    Masterpiece as always my friend. Looking forward to whatever your future contains.

  3. Awesome documentary, although the monotone speaker is a bit hard to take. Otherwise it was super! 🤘🤘🤘

  4. so there i am playing wow i want to have something on in the back while i play so i thank i wonder what MadSeason has done not seen any of his stuff for a bit i see this video i put it on and go back to playing wow im thanking ill have some fun maybe laugh a bit but no now i just feel like a frat in a shit storm i want to love wow i do but im really starting to feel like its going to up and die i want it to get better i know it can but if Blizzard don't get there head out of there ass and fuck up the next expansion there will be no players left don't get me wrong i don't hate the guys that are working on wow i do hate the money grubbing ass holes at the top i know that you can't make ever one happy but come on all of the stuff Blizzard has done is bullshit

  5. This was simultaneously, truly nostalgia inducing, and one of the most heartbreaking things I ever watched pertaining to gaming =(

  6. I love how you brought up how the community has changed throughout the changes they made. I believe the community was what made the game so great. Having to use lfg and general or city chat to form a group. Having to travel there together to fight off the opposing faction at the door. Not having cross server players. Not having group/raid finder. That was why I quit in cata. The game felt way different to me in a very bad way.

    Ps they knew having 1 boost in wow classic meant more money because they knew people would just make more accounts for more boosts. They suck. Classic was the dream of all old school players. They had to ruin it too..,…………………………………………………………………….

  7. It's so fitting to see how paradoxical WoW is. And the audacity that the developers don't try to hide it anymore. The rise and fall of the Lich King (the rise and fall of WoW, mirrors Arthas Journey quite well). Also the Warcraft movie, the Fel being all powerful but you have to give life to support it, kinda like the game, I found it shocking that the simile was drawn and that it was done by the own creators, as in they weren't even hiding how their game was seen, they made a movie out of it. It's almost as if they know it's bad and they care so little for that getting out that they show you it and know it won't make a difference.

  8. FFXIV also has a cash shop, boosts, and a cross world dungeon finder. I suppose player housing, extremely limited use of sharding, and the ability to visit other realms rather than having them sort of bleed into each other like WoW's cross realm, all contributes to the sense of community.

  9. omg i laughed out loud when you called the jeapordy contestants pathetic for not knowing the answer lol. that was great

  10. nothing like a nostalgia filled shit video to remind one's self of just how pointless people talking about wow is… fuck, yall are just a bunch of dogs chasing tails in circles, the level of ego strocking, i'm always left with this, i don't like many things with wow, but if people really do feel like they can do better do it, creat your own wow and make it wiith all the non cashshops 100hours of grind to level to max and all that other shit where a sweatyneckbeard can get ahead just because they have no real life to live except for the one on the screen and let's see how well that type of game works now a days

  11. Not a bad documentary in terms of information. but the voice could've been a lot more exciting than it is.

  12. Was fun tell level 50. Its not like your questing. Its your grinding and its to repetative. Same stuff. The pvp here and there in contested lands was cool. It was a great game dont get me wrong but Elder Scrolls Online i think was way funner. The storys in the quest in ESO was much fun. WoW was just go get this. Kill so many of that.

  13. That whole lawsuit seemed like it had scumbags on all sides. Shady leaders, shady male employees and shady female employees. Gender pay gap crap is crap.

    Oh and get woke go broke. Blizzard proved it :D. Should have left Tracers ass alone. Should have left Jaina's tits alone. GG

  14. Absolutely excellent video as usual though it is kind of true to admit that awesomogold is kind of an asshole everything he does is fake it's all an act and he really doesn't care about his fan base at all except for making their money so he's literally just another blizzard all of the feedback he's ever given on the game he's literally stolen from his fans and from other content creators it's all stolen there's no substance to him at all

  15. Jokes with Bobby Kotick face is hilarious. 😀

    That greedy attitude is what took these once amazing gaming companies down…

  16. Mostly commenting for the algo, but I will say this:

    I never bought into the argument about the random dungeon finder being anti-social. I found way more friends with it than I ever did before it. Random raid finder, on the other hand, was a colossal fuck-up for all the wrong reasons, but most important was how it took the challenge out of the raids–effectively meaning there was no challenging content to run. Vanilla and BC were popular because they were difficult for your casual player, which gave them something to strive for. Wrath was a bit easier, but made up for it in other ways. However, I actually quit for most of a year when Cata dropped purely because of the changes to the talent tree, and my suspicions/fears about what it meant proved even more true when MoP came out–when I quit for good.

  17. I think what a lot of people wanted from Classic was to chase those memories of Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath. They're great memories but unfortunately… It's just not possible to bring them back. There's a great Limmy sketch where he points at a picture and says he wants to go "There". He doesn't want to go to that exact location, he wants to go back to that time in his life. Unfortunately, Vanilla is that picture and Classic is just that wharf we remember hanging out with a friends at. It's still that wharf, but times have moved on. Great game, though.

  18. Bro when the Bald Man reacts to this he's going to need to clear out a whole week. the man can turn a 2 minutes video into 40 minutes, imagine what he can do with this

  19. why didnt u talk about guild wars 2 launch back in august 2012, it was one of those "wow killers" as well, gladly the game is still alive and kicking, new expansion launching in couple of days!

  20. I didn't discover your channel until after you quit playing WOW because my luck stinks, but I want you to know how good your videos are. I mean, they're really good. Thanks for putting so much love and passion into your work. Peace.

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