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WoW Alliance Is Officially Dead.

Asmongold points out every problem in WoW that Blizzard needs to solve immediately.

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  1. 21:05 Totally true 🙂 When i starter MC there was zero addons and zero info what to do and we tried our own tactics 🙂

  2. I agree with him a lot , but this time he is talking nonsense. The reason he did so poorly was because he expected to have a smooth run on the first day of a new patch with most people doing the raid blind. Vigilant Guardian is just killing adds and dodge telegraphed magic, run out with marker and get into a shield. The last 15% are the softest DPS check. Artificer Xy'mox is just dodge his rings with a mechanic you know of a previous raid and kill adds while they don´t face the raid. Halondrus is just spread out and collect orbs that would power up the boss ( a mechanic tons of bosses in wow and ff14 used before) These are fights I saw his group wipe on and you don´t need one Add On to beat those, just the most minimal form of group cohesion. Asmon did not voice chat with anyone (besides McCool) did not explain to people who failed a mechanic ( just play better) Sure the boss fights get more complex and difficult during later bosses, but if that´s your problem you probably shouldn´t raid current content. I wiped my through Sigmascape V4.0 when it was current understanding that it´s more difficult than Aplphascape. The only thing I would agree on is that other MMO like FF14 do a way better job at explaining players the different markers (stack, dodge, rotation) during the main quest and dungeons. On normal pretty much every fight is recoverable as long as one ehal and one tank no what they are doing thanks to little raid wipe mechanics, little dps and hps checks and the generous battle rez system (not even counting LB3) Also another problem is that you don´t even find a group for Castle Nathria anymore, so most people can´t even do older raids of the same expansions as there is no reward for most players anymore. But, to just go out and say normal mode raiding is to difficult and the whole thing should be pugable with no communication 1. No 2. It probably is if you´re ok with wiping and most bosses will be nerfed in a few weeks anyway.

  3. The wow rant applies to overwatch too. Balance the game for the .5% and thats the playerbase you retain… and they are failing at that with all the talent retiring.

  4. Hey, I'm a craft beer dad whose wife lets them paly twice a week but I do HEROIC on ALLIANCE thank you very much.

  5. I don't care about raids being hard. Nobody gives a shit if you completed something hard in a game. They should indeed just have normal and heroic and have the item lvl gap be MAX 10 ilvs. Just make the raid fun and have cool tier sets.

  6. Asmon, have you tried getting a group from Stormrage together? I haven't raided since BFA but that server used to be popular for alliance raiding and pugging heroic and mythic wasn't that bad

  7. I'm a casual player, I have always played horde. Well, I do have one alliance toon but I only played it up through Legion for the story. IMO everything you said in this video was spot on and I agree completely.

  8. I love the content of Asmon but it's funny that he says always "No problem if i don't like the game i just play another one" but it's always talking about the game and even when hes not streaming is at the game kkkk

  9. I agree that its a waste of time pugging, but i cant agree with the rant about raiding not being fun. It has the best potential, but you need to find a group of like-minded players to experience it… And thats hard af, even with a guild going strong for years its not guaranteed. I do think the reward system needs a change however! Give everyone 3 or 4 rolls each week, you as a player can choose after you kill a boss if you want to use a gear roll on that boss which will 100% give you one of the pieces the boss can drop for you. It would still be hard and take time to get everything you want/need if blizzard just puts some effort in and make bosses drop several different items instead of just "oh this boss drops a ring and gloves"

  10. Everything you said is so true! The game has drastically changed and raids are no longer fun as they used to be before MOP

  11. Bullshit. All you idiots in the comment section is minmaxing their shit out of the wazoo and then complain about not being competitive. You have to be mentally ill to still play WoW 12 years after its last breath anyway.

  12. scale the raiding to 10man just have Normal and Heroic like how it was in wotlk and id consider coming back, too much drama in the large groups and too much time wasted(people afking etc), i was in a guild that raided 10mans from Wotlk – MoP was one of my best raiding experiances we were all super close but our guild culture was ruined when we were forced to move up to 20man for Myhtic, was super hard to find another 10 like minded people :S

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